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Sep 11, 2012 11:00pm EDT
jesse aryee carl asaro michael asciak michael edward asher janice marie ashley thomas j. ashton manuel o. asitimbay gregg arthur atlas gerald t. atwood james audiffred louis frank aversano, jr. ezra aviles sandy ayala arlene t. babakitis eustace p. bacchus john j. badagliacca jane ellen baeszler robert j. baierwalter andrew j. bailey brett t. bailey tatyana bakalinskaya michael s. baksh sharon m. balkcom michael andrew bane katherine bantis and my uncle, all this punishes that my brother missed meeting by 10 days. even though i didn't get to meet him, i really feel like i know him because my family talks about him a lot. he was a happy, fun loving, caring, proud american. who loves sailing, and skiing just like i do. i think them every time i see 9/11. we miss you and love you always. >> and my uncle john list and my aunt, so the snp are so. gerard baptiste walter baran gerard a. barbara paul vincent barbaro james william barbella ivan kyrillos f. barbosa victor daniel barbosa colleen ann barkow matthew barnes melissa rose barnes sheila patricia barnes evan j. baron renee barrett-arjune
Sep 4, 2012 11:00pm EDT
originally scheduled to ride that was carl sagan. he had been asked to contribute a chapter on cosmic discovery to that volume. he died in 1996. my name was put up as one who would then write in his stead. that is pretty much what i could pump out in the month. this chapter was asked to be 10,000 words. so i was almost declining. then i said no, maybe i can do something different, little a little bit more creative. and i thought, okay, why not think of discovery, not in the 20th century, not even in terms of a discovery of objects and places, but the discovery of ideas. and i would track the transition from the discovery of places going up to the errol of the great explorers once you have mapped the whole earth, what is left there for you to discover. philosophically, what is left once you know that the whole earth is there. then you have new ideas and they take you to space. and i thought to myself at the time, you know, i really want to go to mars. with people. it is an uncommon vi among my colleagues, my astrophysics colleagues, by and large, maybe three to one ratio. sending human
Sep 25, 2012 11:00pm EDT
party has done is to merge to the right instead of george of the bush, carl rove, john mccain. let's reach out to hispanics and make immigration reform something beefier. a party where mitt romney now embodies the party. he promised to veto. he is on a radical policy prescription. the idea of making life so miserable year that immigrants are literally purge from the country. so this looks to the right has hit badly with hispanics. that means as you point out in your paper the southwest is out of reach with of, in large part because of this. they pulled out of the mexico. they have a shot in common and nevada. the hispanic and strategy, their on the strategy has been let's talk about the economy. the cuban americans in poor regions and help that we can peel off enough of them because maybe that will be that trick. the problem is that even in florida of the hispanic election as chased by significantly. the fastest growing group of the non cuban on prairie can let american immigrants for whom emigration is a defining issue . roughly one-third. and so i suspect that he is going to have
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3